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Lakota Winds

A fast-paced Young Adult narrative bringing to life that fateful encounter between Custer's 7th Cavalry and the Sioux and Cheyenne. Never again will the Native Americans assemble in such numbers as they did on that day in 1876, and never again will they inflict such a punishing defeat upon the United States military.

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A 16-winters-old Lakota Sioux woman. She's horrified that her father wants to marry her off to one of his

big-bellied buddies. She worries about her younger brother who aches to become a warrior. And she is deeply concerned the young brave she loves will risk too much in his attempt to gain fame as the pony soldiers approach.


The young warrior who has escaped from the reservation. He is driven by the desire to demonstrate his courage and prove to everyone he is worthy of the maiden he wishes to marry.

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