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The 7th Tennessee Infantry
in the Civil War

An intensely personal account of war based upon the soldiers' letters, journals, memoirs, official reports, and family histories. The men in the 7th Tennessee Infantry displayed their courage and fortitude while sacrificing for what they believed in.

7th Tennessee Inf cover.jpeg

Col. Robert Hatton

The war changed these men from exhilarated volunteers to battle-hardened veterans. They had eagerly rushed to join up, "anxious to confront the enemy on the battle front." Later, amid the grim realities of war, the Tennesseans stayed with their comrades and carried out their responsibilities. Eventually, as the war destroyed their world, one wrote, "I wonder who will be the last of us to go?"

Nearly 1,000 men enlisted (or were drafted) into the 7th Tennessee Infantry. The regiment's roster includes cach man's name, rank, date of birth, civilian pre-war occupation is listed. Also, each man's military activities are detailed.

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The Tennesseans

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