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William Thomas Venner

Writer: History, Archaeology, and Fiction.

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 Thomas Venner

William Thomas Venner’s
Latest Releases

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William Thomas Venner's writing investigates humanity's essential needs, as well as basic fears through his works in history and archaeology.

30th North Carolina

in the Civil War

"There's much in the way of history and reference value packed inside Venner's book. Certainly dedicated students of the 30th North Carolina will want to pick up a copy."

Civil War Books and Authors


7th Tennessee Infantry

in the Civil War

"The 7th Tennessee Infantry in the Civil War, packed with diary entires and letters, surpasses the average superficial Confederate regimental."

John Michael Priest - Civil War News

Young Heroes of Gettysburg

"In Young Heroes of Gettysburg, William Thomas Venner effectively weaves very human situations around the events of early July 1863. We witness the battle and its consequences through the eyes of 'children' dressed for combat and others who simply lived where the armies met.

Young adults will enjoy the story and appreciate the history. For many this will be the book they reference when asked later, "How did you become interested in the Civil War?"

George McNamara 

Civil War Book Review

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